How can you lose a lot of weight to? Rules, nutrition, and Training

For a strong weight loss there are many different possibilities: effective diet specifically on the physical strain, and even surgical procedures. All of this helps, quickly and in large quantities remove. We will consider the most effective methods of a strong weight loss.


Principles of powerful slimming

Before you determine the kind of weight loss, you should use the principles (rules) of the intensive weight loss:

  1. Make prohibitions on products. Exclude harmful, sweet, flour, salty and greasy. Since all the effective diet not use these kinds of products suspect.
  2. They eat often, but little. Better throughout the day, snacking nuts, dried fruits, berries, what falls hungry to the Breakfast/Gösta lunch or dinner.
  3. They drink daily at least one and a half liters of mineral water (see use of water for the human body).
  4. You never eat after 7 o'clock in the evening.
  5. Any powerful weight loss includes the selection of diet and physical activity in the plant.
  6. In the case of severe weight loss, the body is under Stress and weakness. Therefore, it is necessary to sleep fully.
  7. Don't feel as hungry. In the course of the day should be to work the stomach.
  8. For effective results of powerful slimming, you have to be psycho to prepare logical: a goal, a deadline, a weight loss Plan to implement. And then you have even more Motivation.
  9. Control of the weight. Make sure the scale is the most important tool in weight loss.
  10. Limit decrease to the Maximum the contact with other people for the period. So probably not to the temptation of something to eat for the company, to eat a lot of or a fixed.


To lose ways weight very much, but only the possibilities of the strong weight loss of interest. The presented methods differ in the maximum values for weight loss and can be harmful to health. Strong weight loss is that nobody will harm to health and requires constant medical control.

Application of all the methods that you use at your own risk.


Strong take off, you need to decide on a diet. They are very diverse and anyone interested will be able to lose weight get the best option:

Diet for weight loss
  1. The cucumbers – a staple food – it is a cucumber. It can be used in unlimited quantities. Apart from this, you Can eat light and low-calorie foods: yogurt, fruit, berries, other Can. For lunch, you can cook cabbage on a pair with cucumber salad, in the afternoon you can have a Drink Smoothie made from cucumbers, apples and foods, 1 fresh cucumber. 3 weeks on the cucumbers is 5 to 15 kg can be set.
  2. Kefir – this type of diet only contains diet yogurt. A day within a week, only drink Kefir, and preferably 1% to. The diet is very hard, but the results are amazing – 5-10 kg 10 days. Strong weight loss guaranteed.
  3. Strict – this diet is at Maximum limited to the people in the diet. It is noteworthy that you eat 1 day of light food, and the next day is sure to be discharge-and only on the water. And already after 14 days, you can your weight 6-15 kg.
  4. Citrus – the basics of the approved products are oranges, mandarins, pomelo and Grapefruit. You can eat them in any quantity and in any Form (except for the jam). You can drink juices of citrus fruits (natural), fruit salad do you eat fresh. For a week of such Hard-mode, you can lose 4 to 7 kg. More than a week not sit on this diet you will spoil the skin of the gastric mucosa.
  5. Dairy – is not only effective, but also partially helpful diet. You can eat all the milk, but you need to fat with 0%. Breakfast is yogurt, cottage cheese eat, eat yogurt. In the course of the day, the stomach works to digest milk products and the feeling of Hunger is not so tangible. Can lose it for 1 month, from 8 to 17 kg.
  6. Can – this type of diet includes only menu. Diet 5 unique and each serving of 300g not exceed. You can dampen to eat in a fresh kind, cook, bake. The menu of such a diet is varied, and hunger strikes are excluded. A big Plus on a diet – you can sit the whole month. For 30 days you can reset 7-12 kg.
  7. Extra – the hardest diet. The first 7 days, you drink only yogurt, the next day – almost action, you can then berries drink for the next 5 days only-Can-Smoothie, then again 1 day hunger strike. The last 5 days you spend on low-fat broths (meat or Can). The result is impressive – up to 20 kg in 19 days away. But such a diet is very harmful to health, and then you need to properly "out".


No diet is not allowed to lose a strong and effective weight, which is not with in the complex exercise. It is important to get the right kind of Training, with reference to the selected diet.

  • If the diet is hard and highly restricted diet – exercise must not intensely and with a minimum load.
  • If the diet is not strict, and includes a variety of diet products and Full-mode, we do a lot of emphasis on exercises and training.

The basic principles of training, the decrease is strong:

  1. The first exercise – always early sports.
  2. Start Training only after 40-70 minutes after the last meal.
  3. During all the training, you will support the water budget. Enough to order a bottle of still mineral water.
  4. Each exercise includes proper breathing – inhalation through the nose, exhale through the mouth.
  5. Each load should be gradually from the smallest to the largest.
  6. Sports sports loads not later than 3-4 hours before bedtime. Otherwise, can insomnia.
  7. Not exhaust but don't like. Simple and pleasant fatigue – the key to an effective load.

The most effective types of exercise for strong weight loss:

  • Daily Squats. You begin with 10 times, gradually increasing with a day to 5 times. To lose, 1 month, alone, bend the knees to help the weight in the legs and abdomen to 3-5 kg.
  • Pushups. Good arms and chest muscles tighten. To start, you can practice with 3 push-UPS daily and increase to 2 times. For the month of slimming in the hands and on the shoulders of 0.5-2 kg.
  • Ironing. Exercise is difficult and in the short term. The abdominal strengthens the muscles and helps to lose fat. Combat Cellulite on the buttocks. At the same time is 20-40 seconds. Every day you must increase the time "Stand" for 10 seconds. 1 month exercise "Plank" you lose weight from 2-4 kg.
  • Bike with twists and turns. All parts of the body. For 1 time you can get up to 30 revolutions. Daily, increase to 10 turns. 1 month can lose 2 to 4 kg.
  • High pull. A classic exercise that you lose weight in the stomach, arms and chest. For the first time to catch up 2-3 times. With every day high-pull can be increased to 1-times. With this exercise, you can lose weight for 30 days on 3-5 kg.
  • Run. Daily running exercise will help active overweight to fight. Enough 1-2 times a day, light Jogging to classify it after 15-20 minutes. For the month, you can lose up to 7 kg.
  • Bike. A simple bike ride is not enough. Here in the planning of the right daily exercise program, in view of the duration of the trip frequency and mileage, it is important.

How strong is set back in weight for the short period of time?

1 week

In this section, we consider the possibility of losing strong weight, for 7 days. To do this, follow all the prescribed conditions and recommendations. As the deadlines for the compressed images and the effect, we need a maximum, and then prepare ourselves morally to the physical and mental difficulties.


A diet choose, the maximum is not based on the fasting, healthy lose weight per week to get to us. The main thing is not depriving the body of fluids and drink water regularly. During this time, you can lose up to 5-7 kg.


  • Breakfast is repealed, drink 1 Cup of coffee (without additives).
  • To Gösta Mittag Essen 1-dried apricots, 3 prunes and almonds 3.
  • In the afternoon, I can 220-270 ml of yogurt 1%.
  • Eat 17:00 a glass of berry Smoothies.


  • Breakfast is repealed, drink strong green tea with lemon.
  • In the lunch break, a Snack 1 dried apricot, 2 plum, 1 almond.
  • To drink in the afternoon Kefir in a glass) (.
  • For dinner at 18.00 Kefir 1 Cup) drinking (.


  • The whole day 0% fat sitting on the water and yogurt.


  • The whole day 0% fat sitting on the water and yogurt.


  • For Breakfast you can have 1 portion of meat, eat fat-free broth.
  • At lunch you can eat 1 small, rubbed to a state of cream, a piece of chicken. You can glass children's buy-pureed Turkey.
  • In the afternoon you can drink Kefir or eat puree berries.
  • For dinner, a serving of food of vegetable broth (you can puree the broth 1 tablespoon of vegetable).


  • Nothing to eat, only water to drink.


  • Kefir Day.

After 7 days, your body is very weak, you can at any time to feel dizziness, nausea, and pain in the abdomen. Important in this time, all appointments will terminate and you will spend a diet at home.

This diet includes flowing income. Every day you add in the diet of light food, gradually to a healthy balanced diet.


Perform the exercises

Together with a diet necessarily time Training us. In view of the limited diet, exercise, not to make it big.


  • In the morning, you make the classic charge.
  • After lunch, 10 squats.
  • After dinner, jump on the rope.


  • After the sleep to deal with the charge.
  • After lunch we go on an easy half-hour walk (in the vicinity of the house).
  • In the evening you can do 10 sit-UPS.


  • Day start charging.
  • After lunch we go on a walk.
  • In the evening, jump on the rope.


  • Exercise terminated, as in the diet comes almost starve to death.


  • Exercises only in the evening, the best knee-suited squats – 10 times.


  • You break the load.


  • In the afternoon you can on the trek, and in the evening a little jump on the rope.

At the end, in a week, diet and simple exercise, you can lose up to 10 kg. Losing weight is considered to be strong and fast.

2 weeks

For strong weight loss in the period of 14 days and Mono-diet, and moderate fiz away, ideal. nagruzki. Fasting in this mode almost impossible, but the results promise to be "strong".

Follow a diet

Monday – we eat only boiled Can (potatoes exclude).

Tuesday – Milk-Day. Use you can each milk product with a fat content of 0%

Wednesday we're strictly on some cucumbers.

Thursday – lemony day.

Friday – we eat all meals on the Basis of buckwheat (without salt, sugar, oil).

Saturday – day shabby soups. Do not add salt, do not add fat, without bread. You eat 5 times a day 250g.

Sunday – Day Kefir.

The second week, repeat, according to the first.

Diet includes weight reduction of 5-10 kg in 2 weeks.

Physical Activity

So, how the diet is considered to be more diverse and elongated, in contrast to the one-week, a little practice, you can saturated the input of more than.


  • Charge, more Jogging for 15 minutes.
  • In the afternoon you can do 10 squats and 3 times wrung out.
  • In the evening, jump on the rope and pull 3 times.


  • Tomorrow-Cycling (30 Minutes).
  • In the afternoons, 15 knee can bend, 3 times wrung out and 3 times to catch up.
  • In the evening useful to turn 15 minutes of hula Hoop, and take a walk on the street.


  • Morning run for 15 minutes, to recharge.
  • In the afternoon, the press (10 times) swing and do squats 20 times.
  • In the evening, about 30 minutes drive on the bike.

Thursday – so, as the diet on this day, the citrus and promotes active fat-burning, Training to do as active as possible.

  • In the morning Jogging for 20 minutes.
  • After lunch, the maximum number of pull-UPS, UPS and knee deck to bow.
  • In the evening, Hoop, turning, jumping rope and riding a bike 1 hour jump.


  • Charge, more Jogging for 15 minutes.
  • In the afternoon you can do 10 squats and 3 times wrung out.
  • In the evening, jump on the rope and pull 3 times.


  • Just in the morning 30 minutes of Jogging.
  • In the evening, drive for 20 minutes with the bike.


  • We give our bodies the relaxation.

The second week is similar to the first.

Powerful slimming for 14 days (diet and physical activity) is the result of 7-12 kg.

how to lose weight

Advantages and disadvantages of the methods described

Strong emaciation always leaves visible results, but they are, both positive and negative.

Advantages of using:

  • a significant reduction in the weight and the conversion of forms;
  • a feeling of lightness;
  • emotional satisfaction on the objectives achieved;
  • the satisfaction of your figure;
  • be worn model and attractive clothes with smaller sizes;
  • the enthusiasm on the part of the family and the admiration of passers-by.


  • Stress and unfamiliar stress on the body;
  • the constant feeling of Hunger and fatigue;
  • possible serious side effects (anorexia, gastro-intestinal problems, mental disorders, heart problems).

In front of a strong real lose weight it is important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages, this may not fit Extreme focus to you and better for your health.


Strong emaciation always implies the presence of specific contraindications. These include:

  • The age of 16 and 50 years;
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • Problems with the kidneys, heart, nervous system, stomach;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • Diabetes;
  • not overweight;
  • the mental deviations.

In other cases, you need to the detailed inspection on revealing of hidden pathologies. If such a lack of, is losing weight for the health.

Only if all of the rules and tips that can greatly lose weight. Here it is important to be careful in the type of diet, choose to add the Training and the most important thing – to implement them on the victory. And do not forget to be in the time of weight loss for your health.