Simple Protein diet for weight loss

Among the variety of diet easy Protein diet to lose weight barely effective, but because it is also one of the most popular. In General, Protein-diets in today's time many of the Moscow Kremlin, Ducane, etc. But in this article it goes over the simplest of them, the so-called diet "7x7", it is – "7 kg in 7 days". That is, as the name suggests, for 7 days less than 7 kilos of weight to reset.

An important advantage of such a diet are those that you dare to, is not health, tormented by Hunger and, as a consequence, from the unimportant. Also, subject to all necessary recommendations and conditions it in a short time good results. That is, the sought-after slimming.

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The essence of such a diet is very simple: the body to lose weight because of the increased consumption of food, in which they contain a lot of protein and little fat and carbohydrates. If the person starts to eat so, the body begins to feel the lack of necessary substances for energy production and it produces fat from the body. In the result of fat on the body will always get leaner, less, and man.

What are the most important rules in the case of the protein diet? They are as follows:

  • in the days of the card at least 60% of the food required with a lot of Protein in them;
  • neither fat nor carbohydrates can't eat in food;
  • it is not allowed to vegetables and fruit, because the fat contained in them;
  • Food need to try 5-6 times a day, to take a break between meals was not more than 3 hours;
  • together with the adherence to the diet, the exercises should be.

By the way: before you recommend your gymnastic exercises, very to drink a glass of Protein Cocktail. Otherwise, you can damage to.

Simple Protein diet for weight loss: what foods are allowed

Should repeat itself: the adherence to such a diet products with maximum protein content. They include in particular:

  • lean meats of all varieties (beef, rabbit, Turkey, chicken, etc.). Of lamb and pork should be avoided, because the meat is too greasy;
  • lean (better – Maritime) fish: tuna, cod, salmon, gorbusha, Pollack et Al. add to this a variety of seafood (except scallops);
  • Cheese Durum Wheat;
  • Eggs;
  • Mushrooms;
  • low-fat dairy products (yogurt, cottage cheese, yogurt);
  • Vegetables. Better green, but also other, although not every day;
  • Fruit sour: citrus fruits, Kiwi, apples, some berries;
  • Buckwheat -, rice -, and oat-porridge;
  • Whole-grain bread;
  • freshly squeezed fruit juices as well as fruit drinks and compotes without sugar;
  • normal water;
  • Herbal teas without sugar.

Please note an important rule. With Protein diet eat foods with an absolute lack of fat in them – not recommended. Diet diet, but for the normal life activity of the body needs at least a Minimum of fat. So, it's not a low-fat products, but those in which there is a minimal amount of fat.

Products is strictly prohibited, if it is a simple Protein diet

What foods are banned, when a simple Protein diet

These products include:

  • anything that contains sugar: cakes, chocolate, sweets, cakes, ice cream, overly sweet berries and fruits, shops juices;
  • Products made from flour: bakery, bread, noodles, biscuits;
  • all the sausages, hams, sausages;
  • Potatoes;
  • Burgers, fast food, all ready-made dishes;
  • Butter and all fats of animal origin;
  • all types of alcoholic beverages;
  • Salt (it promotes the retention of moisture in the body, which means that prevents weight loss).

In the extreme case, if it is very difficult to resist and endure, you can have 2-3 squares of chocolate and bitter varieties to eat – and even then not more than twice per week.

Read more about Protein-Cocktails

The top part mentioned about Protein Cocktails. We talk more about what it is and how to cook them.
Protein shakes as Protein. As I said, you are highly recommended before physical Training. In addition, they are good and as a full-fledged dinner. Such drinks in finished Form or powder that you breed, your Protein Drink, you can buy in the shops. Or you can cook yourself at home. For this you need to:

  • ordinary water;
  • Of skimmed milk;
  • low-fat yogurt;
  • Fermented baked milk, or Kefir;
  • Berries, or herbs;
  • as a Protein-filler – chicken (better quail) eggs or – low fat cottage cheese.

All of these products to semi-liquid state, a ready Protein Cocktail is mixed actually. It is important to know and remember: do not add any sweetener: sugar, honey, Saccharin, etc. This Cocktail is used for a rapid decrease, and what is the weight loss with the consumption of sweet can?

Protein Diet 3 Days

Even faster...

Those, the 7-day period losing weight seems to be too long, we can recommend the so-called flash-duration of just 3 days. To take into account some important nuances:

  • Nutrition this term – very hard, and not everyone can keep it;
  • such a diet can be harmful, i.e., unexpected complications;
  • sitting on a flash diet, you can only do that if I want to it's everything OK with the heart, the stomach and the intestines, blood vessels and other internal organs;
  • the flash apply can't lose more than once in six months.

To mention separately, what you can eat in this fierce diet So:

  • Breakfast: an egg (but not Fried);
  • for lunch and dinner – no more than 200 grams of cottage cheese with a Minimum of fat, wash the you can unsweetened tea or coffee;
  • Food must not be more than 3 times per day. In the rest of the time drink only water allowed.

From this diet you have to jerk not all the time, but gradually. Otherwise, unforeseeable dangers for the body.

The contraindications

Easy to Protein diet for losing weight not allowed everything. In particular, it is not recommended:

  • minors;
  • older;
  • pregnant women and nursing mothers;
  • those who are sick, the kidneys, the liver and the heart;
  • Diabetics;
  • those who roll bad blood, because due to an overabundance of Protein formed in the body thrombosis can be;
  • Cancer patients;
  • the people of intellectual work – especially in the time of some mental tasks. In principle, you Protein diet are not prohibited, but if the spiritual work is terminated.

Some important recommendations

To achieve the maximum result and not damage the health, the observance of the simple Protein diet weight loss you should some important recommendations:

important recommendations for Protein diet
  • drink plenty of water – at least 2 litres a day: it is good to burn fat;
  • not to forget to take multi-vitamins, because the diet is not well balanced;
  • Cook all food in a certain way: to cook, to bake, cook, steam, fry, but.

That is all. Lose weight for health!