How to lose weight with Energy Diet

Products diet Energy is characterized by a high degree of adaptability, in its composition of natural natural ingredients, the possibility of live directory is accessible to the public. Unique Cocktails want to be different in content because of the palatability, – try vanilla, coffee, strawberry, Cappuccino or chocolate.

the result

Soups are such types:

  • Mushrooms;
  • Can;
  • Chicken;
  • Peas;
  • Tomato.

Oatmeal or Omelettes diversify your diet. At the low price, these products have a rich collection of useful substances for health.

What is in the production of Energy diet:

  • Proteins of animal origin;
  • vegetable proteins (sources – soybeans or peas);
  • Amino acids (lysine, phenylalanine, etc.);
  • Fat oil from the soy bean, Champion trace elements;
  • Carbohydrates in the Form of glucose;
  • Fiber, cleanses the body of toxins.

In the various Cocktails, 11 minerals, including copper, iron, Calcium and 12 essential vitamins – A, C, E, D, group V. contains cherries, the Unique plant – Carib – beats all fruits contain a lot of Vitamin C. And the Royal Royale, the bees are exceptionally saturated with minerals and amino acids.

The three phases of the diet, with the help of Energy Diet

Energy diet photo — concentrated product designed for quick preparation of omelettes, soups and Cocktails. With the right combination of the elements of the complex Energy diets after the application of a slim figure without harm to health and not the feeling of constant Hunger helps. Diet with Energy diet proceeds in three stages. An important prerequisite for removing a fluid intake of at least two liters per day.

The first step

The first Phase should begin, the process of burning of excess calories. On it will be removed 3 to 5 days, depending on the number of pounds. The main objective of the first Phase is not used to get used to slimming product choice that have in common more than 1500 calories per day. In the case of obesity less than 10 kilograms on the first level of 3 is assigned to days, if more than 10 and 5 days respectively. Daily ration consumption Cocktail is 4-5 servings and 1-2 servings of low-calorie products. In order to satisfy faster the Hunger, it is recommended that you drink diet a glass of water after the intake of energy . Can, the in the diet program, you need to eat only raw, steamed or boiled not more than 400 g. Oily sauces and fillings to replace a small amount of vegetable oil, lemon juice, Apple cider vinegar. For the Fulle of the taste, you can spices and fresh herbs. With low calories, well with the complex Energy diets, a whole lot.

These include:

  1. Mushrooms;
  2. green beans;
  3. Salad;
  4. green and onions;
  5. Asparagus;
  6. Cucumbers, Tomatoes;
  7. zucchini, eggplant;
  8. all kinds of herbs, and much more.

For human consumption allowed coffee contains caffeine, mineral water without gas, herbal and green, black tea and hibiscus. The sugar should be excluded from your diet. So, the beginning of the liberation of obesity put. It is important to be able to keep in the frame, and to not revert to old habits

The second stage

The second Phase of the diet with Energy diets is considered to be transitional arrangements. Cocktail 1-2 times a day, morning and evening drink. For dinner a glass of Energy diets must use it. The range of allowed foods is bigger.

In the food can use:

  1. cooked fish and seafood;
  2. lean meats such as rabbit or Turkey, beef, veal, chicken, liver;
  3. Cottage cheese, cheese with low fat content;
  4. Protein.

Daily intake of products do not exceed more than 150 gr. If the feeling of Hunger in the evening, allows you to drink half a serving of Cocktail for 2 hours before bedtime. Time required on the passage of the second Phase of 3-4 weeks. If the weight of the body is more than 15 kilograms of the provisions of the standard, then it is recommended to reboot and make the Cocktails as Energy diets as in the first period of the diet.

The Third Stage

The third Phase consists in the calculation of the absorbed calorie products, and the strict control of their weight. Very important to be completely free from the dependence on the food and not forget about physical activity. Otherwise, the desired result will be achieved. The consumption of Energy Cocktail in the third Phase, limited to 1 portion for dinner. In the daily food intake is necessary to products, which are rich in carbohydrates.

These include:

  1. green peas;
  2. red beans;
  3. unpolished rice;
  4. Hercules;
  5. Pasta and bread made from whole grain;
  6. the common rosefinch.

However, it should not be sharp, since large quantities of carbohydrates may need to also be pushed the extra calories in the body. In the third Phase foods allowed 1 serving of fruit in an amount of 80 G:

  1. apricot;
  2. orange;
  3. Pineapple;
  4. Watermelon;
  5. Banana;
  6. Kiwi;
  7. Bulb;
  8. Grapefruit;
  9. Strawberry;
  10. Raspberries;
  11. black currants;
  12. Blueberries;
  13. Apple.

The duration of the last period is calculated from the number of lost Kilos. For example, during the diet the first two periods of 10 kg lost. This means that the last stage of the 10 months to last. During this time the body style is getting used to a new life and will not allow back to top back down the path. The main thing, do not forget to eat two litres of water a day! Cocktails Energy, we recommend that breed of low-fat milk, water, 1% yogurt or vegetable broth. Eating should be immediately after the preparation

What is a diet

The basis of Energy diets are Smoothies and soups, and main dishes, the use of which leads to a rapid weight loss. The developer of this supply, its Position as a fully-fledged and well-balanced System. With their help, the cleaning of the organism from slags and toxins, normalization of metabolism takes place, leading to the removal of excess fat deposits, with problem zones of the human body. Happens gradually remove what is no negative impact on the body. The effect is noticeable with 8 days of taking this unique food, the result can already diet after three months.

For the first time this brand appeared in the case of us, its developers Jean is Blanche-Marie. First of all, diet is practiced by athletes, who supported me in shape while strength training and competitions. This food marked improves the strength and endurance of the body. Later, the System has a distribution among the ordinary consumers. As a means to diminish the System, you have the following advantages of the application:

  • Supplements the diet of the people;
  • Promote burning of fat;
  • Is a supplier of vitamins, minerals, trace elements;
  • The strengthening of the blood enables blood vessels, keeps muscles in tone, gives strength and energy;
  • Allows for adjustments in the usual diet.

This System requires a special approach, based on the proper selection of calories on the menu, and dosage of drugs. Despite the large number of reviews about energy diet, both negative and positive, it is very popular. The products included in the scope of delivery included, a different consistency. The System includes the consumption of Cocktails, the you to breed, milk, soups, side dishes.

Frequently asked questions about diet Energy

Where can you products Energy diets buy?

Cocktails and other products of the kit are not sold in pharmacies as no drugs are. Products for weight loss need to be accompanied Advisory Board, so that you can buy them in specialty shops, regional centres and on the Internet pages of the representative of the company.

Can pregnant women apply the energy diet?

In pregnancy, you can. the products of Energy, after consultation with the doctor However, not Cocktails with a taste of coffee or Cappuccino to drink because they contain caffeine.

Diet for use by children?

The smallest diet is contraindicated, but the young people it will help a good source of energy, build muscles, increase mindfulness.

I can a breastfeeding mother drink Energy Cocktails?

Exclude Cocktails with coffee taste, and the Rest should check with your doctor. Products energy can provide many of the nutrients from the mother's milk.

Compatibility of alcohol and diet Energy?

The consumption of alcohol and carbonated beverages not recommended when losing weight, differently about what a cleansing of the body, the speech can go, and these additional calories to nothing.

Can I dilute with water Shakes?

Dilution with water to give other taste properties, but, exceptionally, be allowed to do if no milk on Hand. But Kefir to breed Cocktails with low-fat Drink.

As a representative of the company Energy diet?

Anyone who is interested in the products of the company, your Manager. Report you get is still just on the Website, representatives, and my own office, where the orders for the customers.

How much can you earn on Energy products?

The company promises to be the minimum income , the more depends on your success, you can and hundreds of times more. Rate Marketing-solutions company, and develop your own business. The Original review-diets:

  • Diet 6 Petals
  • How slimmed down Xenia Borodin

There are many diets for losing weight. The special feature of the program Power Energy diet is active in the financing of the body, minerals and vitamins. Slim, healthy and energetic – a great performance.

Great selection of products Energy diets

Energy diets – the General term for food used for weight reduction. Their peculiarity consists in a that you Supplement the diet, but to replace him. This brand produced nutrient mixes for Smoothies, purees, soups. Your composition is well balanced and contains all the necessary substances. The product line is presented Cocktails, soups and omelettes, Energy diet. The tastes are very diverse: coffee, Cappuccino, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, banana, Crème brulee, bread. Cream soups: pea with sausage, chicken, mushrooms, tomatoes, Can of oatmeal, porridge. The effect of drugs is based not only on the reduction of the appetite. You contribute to the activity, improve digestion and even help to change eating habits.

The disadvantages of such diets

The main drawback of the system, a year of almost all fans, — high cost. Huge damage on the wallet – it is only half as bad. When looking at the composition, the experts claim that the use thereof is not more than the normal food. The psychological aspect plays a role, always a result may not be achieved honestly. Many complain that the distribution System used manipulative Tricks, the type of NLP.

The System, people began to notice, that the completion of the Power Energy diet is variety. In addition, a decrease in the quality of the product, many doubted the authenticity of the certificates of the company. It became known that the selection of goods in different countries is different, there is the suspicion that the relocation of the country-manufacturer, and currently, the market is not flooded with the Original products.

About the benefits of the use of the system no confirmation from the doctors, and those who lose weight, you should be on the cheaper Alternative methods that give a positive result. The choice in favor of Energy diets will make the people who do not have a sufficient amount of time for the production of useful and healthy food. But the use of fast Food remains questionable. Because artificial mixture – a product for the body unusual. Fame System Power Energy diets has strong. But we should not forget and about contraindications:

  • The System was developed for healthy people who just want to correct your figure. Therefore, before purchasing the food packing you, you should check with your doctor;
  • Do not use Cocktails for pregnant and lactating women, children, youth, their metabolism still lives completely;
  • It is not necessary for the experiments, the people suffer from allergic reactions, diseases of the kidneys, biliary tract, pancreas.

Method of weight loss Energy Diet – a very controversial topic, and engage the System with no adequate paper justification is not. Of course, busy people, it is a matter of taste, in General, the time for the preparation of normal food, diet and chaotically arranged. The consumption of Cocktails can quickly become boring, since on the market there are only 11 species. This increases the risks of failure with the diet. Before you use the System, you must decide how to physically, morally and materially, man is ready to do so. If a positive decision is taken, you may consult your doctor and go!

What is the diet Energy Diet

Diet program diet is different from the domestic counterparts unique composition of the components of the products. With their help the body in a few days is, again, metabolic processes, the minimum number of the useful elements absorbed quickly and without the unnecessary fat deposits. Course to lose weight Energy diet is classically divided into 3 phases:

  1. The first to be picked up for the reduction in weight, thanks to the optimal calorie content of the food. In this time you need to prepare for the Energy products go completely on soups and drinks.
  2. The second Phase — a well-balanced diet, the snacking in the Form of Cocktails.
  3. The last step – the full waiver of Cocktails, with the exception of dinner. In the intervals between meals recommended for the consumption of fruit.

Feature of the program Power Energy diet – the transition between the stages, each carried out by yourself. Experience – whether it returns a result, then go to the next step.

Advantages Of Using Diet Energy:

  • Balance of vitamins and trace elements;
  • the recovery of the organism;
  • to recommend the reduction of appetite;
  • a full-fledged replacement of the normal diet;
  • easy preparation.

Pyatirazovoe food is recommended. The amount of liquid Liter you must restrict to 2, together with coffee or tea without sugar. The use of the usual food, they should not use pasta, rice, bread, and fat meat. Another condition is a complete rejection of the sweet.

The composition of the components

Energy Diet is a product developed with the help of latest technology. In the composition of the Cocktails contain a lot of useful elements. For example, proteins, animal and vegetable. Amino acids that the body synthesizes itself, and you get them only while eating. In the Cocktail-Party Energy diet soybean oil contains, the more enriched than 30 trace elements, also has Vitamin E1 and linoleic acid prevents the development of cancer cells. No animal fats, prevents the formation of cholesterol and cholesterol Plaques. A balanced composition of carbohydrates and glucose provides the body with energy and strength, leave no room for impotence and laziness.

Cellulose is one of the most important elements for the processes of metabolism. It is no secret that, thanks to your body of Stagnation, gets rid of and normalizes the intestine and its micro flora. Vitamins and minerals have a positive effect on the vital processes of the organism. Improves the exchange of oxygen in the blood, the bad health and the mood rises. Enzymes are necessary for the human body for digestion of the proteins of vegetable and animal origin, without damage to health. A balanced complex of Energy diet help you feel the correct posture while on the diet, and organize the work of the whole organism.

On how much you can lose weight tips

Water — source of life. You can drink water as much as you want. If you want to water at any time and anywhere you drink it. Replace tea and coffee with bottled water, and juices with plain water. The charging process for 30 minutes every morning and evening is the best helper in the process of weight reduction. Be sure to follow the recommended products that should be consumed during the program. It is made up of the best nutrition consultants, specifically, in order to achieve excellent results and enjoy the beautiful, lean and healthy body. If you drink Cocktails, dumplings, and then dreams about sexual forms only dreams remain.

Get a notebook where you success Fix. Write down your measurement of the volume of the waist, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and weight. To see this allows to control the process and not let it take its course, and extra Motivation, results book. A glass of water before or after the consumption of Cocktails can be sick and tired of enjoy. The salt in the soups you implement the chopped herbs, so they are aromatic and tasty and must not be consumed, the excess poison.

The last meal not later than 3 hours before bedtime. If on the stage of the fastening in the evening to eat, it is permissible to drink a half-serving of the Cocktails, but no more. Try them slowly and deliberately through the city, moving always, enjoy the process. The slow movement and slow deep breathing is more saturate the body with oxygen, accelerates the metabolic processes. Body to WH I receives all the necessary nutrients the request of the energy output. Engage in Sport, or favorite pastime, you will not be slim only, but also to fulfil their dream.

Here are simple tips for those who ask how to lose weight in a month with the Energy diets. Average results among those who keep to the recommendations of the program, but not the mini meet paint physical loads, is up to 7 pounds, sometimes more. But who supplemented the nutrition, sports and pleasant feelings, the result can boast of, 15-18 pounds. These results will not be due to the use of food supplements, body and cured to ruin, and without the life and habits.