Diet drink

The drinking diet is a special diet from which solid food is completely excluded. Of all the methods of losing weight, this is the most controversial. Doctors and nutritionists argue about whether it is advisable to put the body in a stressful state, to rebuild the diet in order to save weight.

It is very difficult to get out of such a diet, the digestive system needs to be rebuilt. Is there too much stress in the stomach for a month?

Diet drink

What is a drinking diet?

With this method of weight loss - as the name suggests - people drink a lot. If the kidney function is impaired, there are problems with the cardiovascular system and gastrointestinal pathology, then you need to choose another method of losing weight or arrange for unloading with liquid days once a week. However, "kefir days" or "unloading on green tea" one day a week are useful for everyone, regardless of chronic illness.

You only have to avoid solid foods. Everything that is drunk can be introduced into the body without restrictions. The calorie content is not very limited. It all depends on the goal you want to achieve in the final stages.

Those who have tried the drinking diet as a method of losing weight admit that the first 7 days are very difficult. Everything is annoying, insomnia occurs on the second day, constant tears, dizziness.

But then lightness can be felt in the whole body, it seems that wings have grown behind the back. 30 days go by like one.

Why is a drinking diet good? It cleanses the body, reduces weight, and at the same time, the products that are included in the diet are chosen by yourself.

Types of drinking diets

  • 7-day drinking diet

The weight is reduced by 3-4 kg, but since the body is satisfied with the "food swing", the kilograms also return quickly. The slimming effect is mainly achieved by excreting fluids.

  • Chocolate drinking diet

The Shock Drinking Diet is a delicious 7-day diet.

Since this diet is a mono-drinking diet, it is clear that the menu contains 1-2 drinks. Meanwhile, they drink not only liquid, but also tonic drinks: coffee and cocoa. This diet is also followed for a week. If it is very difficult to keep such a menu, then milk can be added to drinks before bedtime.

Such a diet is a real shock to the body, so it should be used no more than once a year and only before an event for which you must urgently lose 3-4 kg. Notify immediately - you will return quickly.

  • Diet with green cocktails

This is a very interesting diet, even for 7 days. Meanwhile, drinks saturated with fiber enter the body, which perfectly cleanse the body of toxins.

Nutrients from vegetables, herbs and fruits are more easily absorbed by the body because they are thoroughly chopped up. The vitamin value of a cocktail is higher than that of an individual vegetable or fruit that is in solid form. It takes 3-4 kilograms a week.

  • Drink a diet for 30 days

The most effective diet is considered to be 30 days. This is not just a weight loss diet, but a whole program that will help cleanse the entire body thoroughly. Its main goal is to temporarily reduce the load on the digestive system, calm the digestive organs and oral cavity without restricting the absorption of nutrients into the body.

In the first week the body is rebuilt, its superficial cleansing, it adapts to the new diet. In the second week, the digestive tract gets used to the new diet - then the body is already cleansed at the cellular level. The early stages are quite difficult and not difficult to break through. In the first decade the stomach and lungs are cleaned, then the liver and kidneys. At the very end of the diet, the cell structures are cleaned. Weight will decrease on its own even if the calorie content of the liquid food introduced into the body is kept at 1600 to 1800 kcal per day. During this time you can lose approx. 10 kg.

What can you drink?

As mentioned earlier, the main principle of nutrition is to consume all food only in liquid form. However, this does not mean that all you need to do is drink water and not eat anything for 30 days. Don't just drink sweet, alcoholic and carbonated drinks.

All other drinks are permitted. Among them:

  • milkshakes;
  • vegetarian cocktails;
  • puree soups;
  • juices;
  • sugar-free cocoa;
  • sugar-free tea;
  • unsweetened coffee;
  • smoothies.

Portion size no more than 350 g.

Drinking diet menu

A typical 1 day drinking diet may include the following foods.

  • Mineral water without gas or normal - at least 1. 5 liters per day.
  • Broth made from fish, meat, poultry, root vegetables or pureed soups with vegetables. It is advisable to avoid potatoes. No fast food options - everything is made using only natural products.
  • Dairy products and fermented milk products, fat content not more than 2. 5%. Fermented baking milk, kefir, milk, yogurt, katyk, varenets, ayran.
  • Juices: with and without pulp. You can also buy in-store products, but you need to read what it says on the box very carefully. It is desirable that the juice be free from citric acid and harmful preservatives.
  • Coffee is allowed, but should be drunk with caution - it whets your appetite.
  • Any tea can be consumed.
  • May treat yourself to cocoa.
  • If you want to add lemon juice to tea, cocoa or coffee - welcome, these milk-based drinks are good too.
  • Any type of jelly is allowed: berries, fruit, even hearty oatmeal. The latter should not be brought to the consistency of a jelly.

Drinking diet recipes

Green cocktails

All green smoothies are whipped in a blender and can look like this:

  • Smoothie: a glass of red grape juice, a banana, an orange, a bunch of lettuce leaves, a glass of water.
  • Calcium cocktail: tomatoes, a bunch of dandelion leaves, water and salt.
  • Healthy cocktail: a couple of kiwis, an orange, 4 red lettuce leaves, 2 glasses of water, 2 aloe leaves, a couple of glasses of seedless nutmeg or red grapes.
  • Super cocktail: mango, a few mint leaves, pear, a few weeds: nettle, dandelion, plantain.

Soup purees

  • Green peas. The flour is diluted with hot milk and a drop of butter, boiled for about 15 minutes, rubbed through a sieve, mixed with grated green peas and beaten in a blender. 400 g of peas, half a teaspoon of butter, a tablespoon of flour, 2 glasses of milk.
  • vegetable soup. Potatoes, skinless peppers, cauliflower, carrots and onions are cooked in chicken broth. After the vegetables are ready, the onion is removed, the rest is mixed in a blender.

The consistency of the soups should be easy to drink.

Ending the drinking diet

Stopping the drinking diet is very slow. If you have followed such a diet for a month, you need to get used to the usual diet for at least 60 days. First of all, the morning intake of liquid food is replaced with a plate of mucilage: oatmeal, oatmeal, buckwheat flakes. Do not drink porridge for 2 hours.

A week later they remember breakfast a month or a week ago and replace the morning meal with a normal meal and carry the porridge to lunch. Dinner is still "drinking".

Week 3 - drink again for breakfast, more porridge for lunch. And in the evening they eat high-fiber fruits or vegetables. Oil has not yet been included in the diet.

Week 4 - Lunch already consists of a small portion of fresh meat or fish, a side dish of muesli and salad. For dinner - kefir and fruit.

In week 5, 1 meal is already normal, the daily menu is selected according to the state of health, but 1 meal is still drinking.

Only after 7-8 weeks can you switch to a normal diet.

If you follow the rules, about 3. 5 liters of fluids are injected into the body every day - including water - then the weight loss program will work successfully!