Kefir diet

A diet with kefir not only brings off extra pounds, but also brings invaluable benefits for the body. Kefir normalizes sleep and the functioning of the nervous system, has a mild diuretic effect, cleanses the stomach and intestines, promotes the production of digestive juices and even quenches thirst. You need to remember that it is real kefir, the very drink that is on the list of the healthiest foods in the world. It is best to prepare kefir yourself from sourdough. However, if there is no time, buy kefir from the store and keep an eye on the production time. One-day kefir is good for the intestines, it contains little alcohol (an inevitable companion of the fermentation process) and microbial content. The two day kefir contains an optimal amount of enzymes and microorganisms. Three-day kefir contains the maximum amount of these substances, as well as carbon dioxide, which irritates the gastrointestinal mucosa.

Most nutritionists treat kefir with great respect, which is quite justified, as this is a truly unique low-calorie product that is well absorbed by the body and contains many substances useful for it. Nutritionists themselves, and fans of all types of kefir diets and those who prefer light foods, know full well that kefir is an excellent substitute for some poorly digestible foods. For example, it can be successfully used as a salad dressing instead of sour cream or mayonnaise.

Kefir with fruits for weight loss

The mono-kefir or single-product version of this diet is considered the most effective today, but it is very difficult: only kefir is consumed for three days - 1. 5 liters per day for 5-6 doses on a regular basisIntervals. Kefir should be fat-free, preferably 1% and without additives. A strict kefir diet may include several sweet vegetables, such as: B. 2-3 slices of steamed pumpkin. Adherence to this diet for 5 days will give the most favorable result: the body will be cleansed, at least 3-4 kg of excess weight will disappear, but in this case there may be a persistent aversion to kefir.

Such a kefir-based diet is difficult precisely because it is as difficult to get out of it as it is to start watching. Only those who are ideally prepared for such fluctuations in the "energy supply" can try this diet. In addition, consuming large amounts of this product over several days can lead to bowel disorders. As a rule, by the end of the kefir diet, a person dreams of only one thing - to eat enough! However, overeating can be very harmful to the body. For this reason, a number of nutritionists recommend, after consulting a doctor, to approach a strict kefir diet and start fasting days on kefir, as sometimes one fast day per week can produce better results than monthly torture of the body.

There is also a gentler version of the kefir diet for those willing to give up their usual and favorite dishes for seven days. This kefir diet is higher in calories and variety than the mono kefir diet, and is even believed to be more useful than many other mono diets.

Kefir with berries for weight loss

In this variant, meat and fish are naturally added to the kefir in small amounts, ie without salt, spices and other additives. The daily volume of kefir is slightly changed - 1-1, 5 liters for 5-6 cans.

Seven-day kefir diet

  • 1st day: 5 boiled or baked potato tubers + kefir.
  • Day 2: 100 g cooked chicken breast that can be replaced with turkey. Do not use the broth.
  • 3rd day: 100 g of lean-cooked meat without broth.
  • 4th day: 100 g boiled sea and low-fat fish: halibut, pollock, flounder, navaga.
  • Day 5: 1 kg of fruit and vegetables, spread over the whole day. It can be kiwi, fresh pineapple, apples, pears, persimmons, fresh cucumbers, eggplants, zucchini, tomatoes, squash, beets, but bananas and grapes should be completely excluded from the diet.
  • Day 6: Kefir only, and the volume can be increased up to 2 liters.
  • 7th day: At least 1. 5-2 liters of still mineral water spread over the day.

On the 8th day you can return to your usual diet, whereby fatty, sugary and starchy foods are restricted. Kefir can still be included in the diet in an amount of 0. 5 to 1 liter per day between meals. It should be unsweetened and as fat-free as possible. You cannot "sit" on such a diet more than once in 2 months.

Diet on "Star" kefir

The Star Kefir Dietis a little softer than the above option, but there are differences in timing: it should alternate with weeks of your usual diet until you achieve the desired result. That is, a week of kefir diet, a week of regular meals with some restrictions, no bread, fatty, spicy and sweet foods.

The nutritional process consists of 6 meals a day at regular intervals: 8: 00 am, 10: 00 am, 12: 00 pm, 2: 00 pm, 4: 00 pm and 6: 00 pm - this is the last meal after which not evenit is recommended to drink water. By the way, water consumption is quite limited - no more than 0. 5 liters per day, naturally boiled, unsweetened and still. Enthusiastic coffee lovers can drink 1 cup of sugar-free coffee in the morning. However, you are still encouraged to pull yourself together and switch to tea, which has almost the same amount of caffeine and the benefits are much greater.

Cottage cheese with apple for weight loss

Before starting the diet it is recommended to perform an artificial colon cleanse. I have to say that this procedure is uncomfortable, but you see, since it is necessary in case, you can tolerate it. If you decide to use laxatives, you need to consult a doctor. Remember to always be very careful with medication.

  • 1st day: 400 g baked potatoes without salt + 500 ml low-fat 1% kefir.
  • Day 2: 400 g low-fat cottage cheese + 500 ml kefir.
  • 3rd day: 400 g of fruit, excluding bananas, grapes and persimmons, + 500 ml of 1% kefir.
  • 4th day: 400 g cooked chicken breast without salt + 500 ml 1% kefir.
  • 5th day: 400 g fruit, as on the 3rd day + 500 ml 1% kefir.
  • 6th day: 1. 5 liters of still mineral water.
  • 7th day: 400 g fruit + 500 ml 1% kefir.

For enthusiasts who do not part with the nutritional regime and want to tighten it up a bit, an option such as a nine-day diet of kefir with apples, where kefir and apples are switched for 9 days, is also possible. The first three days you need to drink 1. 5-2 liters of kefir per day, the next three days you have to eat 1. 5 kg of apples per day, then again for three days of kefir. Why apples, you ask? Yes, because in our middle alley with you, this particular fruit is the most popular and affordable, regardless of the season. And so far there is simply no worthy replacement for him. The diet is really too tough. You may feel dizzy and weak during use. If you're feeling these symptoms, add a little cottage cheese or a boiled egg to your diet and make yourself a fruit or vegetable salad. After all, ridicule of your own body is clearly not part of your weight loss program.

Kefir with apples for weight loss

And here is another version of the kefir diet, just like the previous one, based on the principle of variety and designed for 9 days. A certain amount of food is calculated every three days. The first three days: 1% kefir in any amount and 100 g of boiled rice without salt per day. The next three days: 1% kefir and 100 g cooked chicken breast, even without salt, per day. And the last three days: kefir and apples as much as you want.

Kefir is part of many diets. In the summer, when you have a lot of fresh homemade pickles, you can try a diet on kefir with pickles. A very effective diet, I have to say, but again, not everyone will survive it. In addition, you shouldn't have any gastrointestinal tract diseases. To be on the safe side, a person who is sure of their health never hurts to see a doctor. If there are no health problems and you are absolutely not ashamed of the combination of kefir and cucumber, this diet can be used to prepare your body for seven days of active weight loss. By the way, in just a week you can get rid of 4-6 hated kilograms. All this time, you just need to drink clean, non-carbonated water, up to 1. 5 liters per day, and green tea without sugar. Nutritionists also advise during this time to support the body with multivitamins with trace elements.

Kefir diet with cucumber

Menu of the day

  • Breakfast:1 stack. Kefir, 200 g of cucumber.
  • Second breakfast:1 stack. Kefir and 200 grams of cucumber.
  • Lunch:Salad made from fresh cucumber and lettuce leaves, seasoned with lemon juice and vegetable oil, 1 stack. Kefir, 100 g of boiled, baked or steamed lean sea fish.
  • Dinner:1 stack. Kefir and 200 grams of cucumber.
  • Before going to bed:1 stack. Kefir.

After a delicious and rich menu every day, such a diet will seem too harsh for everyone. Unsurprisingly, weakness, headaches, and dizziness can occur while dieting. In no case, do not chop off the shoulder, abruptly give up the usual products and switch to this diet option. First, try to experiment with fasting days, using such a daily menu as a basis. Only after that can you swing every 7 days of the diet.

The kefir and buckwheat diet is designed for 7 days and consists of a very simple menu.

You can eat as much porridge as you want in one day, of course without salt, sugar and anything else. You need to cook it like this: in the evening, measure out the required amount of buckwheat, fill it with boiling water and, literally, after a few minutes, pour the water with a new serving of boiling water (1 cup of cereal) per 1. 5 liters of boiling water). Thoroughly wrap a saucepan of porridge in a blanket and let it stand until morning. Since porridge can be eaten as much as the soul wishes, the feeling of hunger is guaranteed not to torment you. The main rule is the last meal 4-5 hours before bedtime. You can drink a little kefir before bed. During the day, the permitted amount of kefir is 1 liter. Of course, it shouldn't be greasy. It is best taken 30 minutes before a meal or 30 minutes after it. If you are not in the mood for dry and tasteless porridge at all, drink it down or fill it with kefir. Now for the liquid. You need to drink at least 1. 5 liters of fluids per day. This can be green tea, still water, or some sugar-free herbal teas. It is allowed to add lemon to them. Sometimes, no more than twice a day, you can indulge in a cup of coffee or black tea, but it is not recommended to abuse these drinks. Nutritionists also recommend taking a multivitamin supplement during your diet to support your body.

If you like kefir and taste, then from time to time after the diet, try to make tasty and healthy dishes from it. Here are a few such delicious recipes for you.

Diet on kefir and buckwheat for weight loss

Cream kefir dessert


  • 2 low-fat kefir;
  • 4 eggs;
  • 6 EL Sahara;
  • lemon peel;
  • 1 tbsp gelatin;
  • 1 handful of raspberries.


Separate the egg yolks from the white and whisk them together with 4 tablespoons. Add sugar, grated lemon zest, kefir, pre-cooked gelatin and white, whisk with the remaining sugar to form a stable foam. Let the mixture cool, place in a dessert bowl and garnish with fresh raspberries.

Kefir soup


  • 600 ml of kefir;
  • 250 ml of milk;
  • 1 fresh cucumber
  • 1 lemon;
  • 3 teaspoons;
  • 1 bunch of dill;
  • 1 clove of garlic;
  • black pepper to taste.


Peel the cucumber and cut into small pieces. Finely chop the dill. Thoroughly mix kefir with milk, add pepper, lemon juice and a little vegetable seasoning. Add crushed clove of garlic, lemon wedges, and olive wedges to the kefir mixture. Eat kefir soup cold.

Losing weight is first and foremost working on yourself, a kind of self-test for willpower and perseverance. And in any case, drinking a delicious and healthy drink is a hundred times better than ingesting miraculous pills with unpredictable effects. Maybe a kefir diet is just what you need? You need to lose weight in a tasty, healthy and healthy way!