Exercises for fast weight loss belly and flanks

Belly is not a Problem Zone, want to lose all lose weight or people weight. To lose fortunately, belly fat is not hard through the nutrition with simple and complex exercises. You can infinitely do, twist, swing the press, but without a diet weight loss belly and flanks, to lose weight do not work. Proper nutrition — a big Plus for the achievement of the outcome.



Each of the physical exercises start with a five minute warm-up. It may be, jump rope, hula Hoop, Jogging and squats on the site, the slopes on the sides, and so on. Main thing to distribute well to warm up the muscles and joints, the blood, and to make morally for the upcoming loads.

Then go to the easy exercises for belly slimming to home. The first few weeks try not to change the order of the exercises and follow all of them strictly according to the instructions. If you don't have the required number of reps, don't worry. After two — three training sessions they overwhelm you.


Exercise 1: lifting the legs one by one.

You lay on the ground, debris, under high-pile carpet. Lift the legs to the top, as shown in the photo. Then lower the left leg, touch in the lower point of the floor and lift it to the starting position. Then do the same with the right foot and so on. You to with exercise belly lose weight within 45 seconds.

A trained area: the lower part and the upper part of the abdomen.

Exercise 2: twisting lying on the floor.

You take Position 1, as shown in the figure above, the hands behind the head, bend the legs at the knees. Then, the rotation start alternately in the right and left side. At the top of the point of the exercise with the palm of your hand, the back of the thigh touch. Repeat 20 times in each direction.

Exercise 3: burn it to implement the Boca.

The following exercises for weight loss laterally very effectively, and despite the obvious complexity of their execution, without the work performed in the home.

You have to take the first Position, bend the right arm at the elbow and place it on the right side. This exercise requires the utmost concentration and muscle tension in the abdomen and flanks. After the adoption of the correct Position of the movement of the waist start up and down, trying not to subside in the lower abdomen point. To do 20 repetitions of the head to the other side and do the same.

Exercise 4: curves to the side.


It looks like a classic exercise for the press at home, but it's complicated twists and turns in the top of the repetition and rigidity of the housing. Perfectly, the upper part of the abdominal and oblique muscles — ie, uses those ill-fated Boca. The efforts that are necessary to the retention of the body in the Position at an angle of 45 degrees, an additional static load.

You take the starting position, the hands as shown in the figure. Then you start with the housing rotated in one and in the other direction, remaining at the same angle to the horizon: to 25 repetitions in each direction.

Exercise 5: swing the press with raised legs.

Here, we will train the lower part and the upper part of the abdomen, followed by the destruction of fat and real weight loss. Pretty effective exercise, the stripped-down movement path.

So we take the legs lifting Position 1. The hands in front of and try 30 times to touch their feet, as shown in the figure. Everything is quite simple.

Exercise 6: the first leg raise.

Here, too, there is nothing complicated in terms of performance, but for the first time, the required number of repetitions does not perform all of the can unfortunately. Make sure that the Torso and the legs were in a line and don't let the Pope hang and touch the floor.

Exercise 7: the rise of the trunk and legs.

This is the most difficult but also the most effective exercises to remove belly and flanks. Can you perform in two variants: lying on the floor, as shown in the photo, or to sit on the bench. We consider the variant, which can be done at home, because banks there is not at all.

Implement them on the ground as shown in the photo. Do not help the hands during the journey, you need to only help to keep the balance. In the bottom Position, keep your legs in a state of limbo, without touching the heels to the floor.

For those women who want the best fast weight loss rate every workout to strengthen in the following Form:

  1. turn on your favorite music, the Songs consecutively without any interruption;
  2. you on the floor with your feet shoulder-width apart and the hands grasp the strap (was set to letter f);
  3. start vigorously the first inclines in the left and right within a song;
  4. then, without a Pause, leisure time, pushes jaw to the chin, and make a circular motion to the body in the right and left, so until the end of the song;
  5. this is a very effective exercises for weight loss laterally, that you can take on twenty or more minutes after class, and after 45 minutes, separated.
Exercise with the Ball

These simple movements you can. after each Training and every other day, at least 7 times a week Basic exercises, advice, guide you through the day.

We examined the most effective exercises for losing belly and ears at the waist, the supplements will you collect when learning and experiences.

A selection of Video exercises

In addition to our System of exercises, there are a huge number of Video training. I have the most best and effective.

The first Video is very detailed, covers our Problem, the leading professional Fitness Trainer and knows the business. Some like it as a that you have a wide waist, but believe me, it's od is the embodiment of all other exercises.

The second Video is less detailed, but it is also very useful if you have decided to at home. The girl has a good figure and everything clearly.

For the amplification of the results

Home exercises lose weight belly and flanks, together with the diet good results in a short period of time. However, there are some nuances that can enhance the effect of Sport and shorten the time until receipt of the results.

  1. this is a good time for Cardio Training in the morning before Breakfast. For kinetic energy, which is usually from the daily menu needs. In the morning the stomach consumed empty and our body is just the grease of the sides and of the abdomen;
  2. exercises for slimming stomach must be intense, with increased heart rate. Pulse is an indirect measure of the intensity. So, for example, for women aged 30 years and the frequency of the heartbeat at rest is 65 beats per Minute, target heart rate for weight loss is 109 beats per Minute, or 18 for 10 seconds. You can calculate your optimal heart rate you can use Online calculator;
  3. to remove have to sweat. If you are not sweating, so just don't change and not perform the exercises intensive: no;
  4. exercises for the stomach you should lose weight on an empty stomach, and not the water at the same time drink. Power or Cardio Training, usually by drinking large amounts of water, but not in this case. The water is pleasant is the gurgle in the stomach, distracting and does not give, in order to accomplish anything.
  5. you miss dinner, if you in the evening. After physical exercise-free level speeds up the metabolism on an example and in this furnace, everything is burnt, what reaches the stomach. And when the stomach is empty, consume subcutaneous fat.

Exercises to remove belly and flanks

  1. Classic and good knee bend. Output location, you will walk with a straight back and fix the hands on the belt. The feet are apart about shoulder width. Cower and the hands pull, after the return to the start position. Proper breathing – squat on the breathe track, on the exhale – lifting. Number of repetitions to 15.
  2. Rotation. Starting position – lying on the ground, so that the loin was close to him pressed. Legs bend at the knees and the hands behind the head, the elbows were in different directions. Required, by inhalation, tearing the head from the ground, blades free of the chin to the top, and if you grip the surface of the ceiling. When you reach the highest points as possible, burdening the area of the waist, and 5 seconds. After the exhale, and return to the starting position. You Need To 12 Repetitions. With the help of this exercise, the rectus abdominis muscles.
  3. Letter feet in the air. Starting position – you need to sit down on the floor and take the focus on the hands that laid back. Want a number from 0 to 9 to lift the United legs together and not unscrambling you describe in the air. You breathe slowly and deeply. Repeat the exercise 3 times, after a rest break between each of the up to 30 seconds.
  4. Tuk-Tuk. Starting position – lie on a firm surface, legs, and hands. You need to lift the legs off the ground, to a height of 30 centimeters in the air, and gently, the feet will be hit 3-5 times with each other. Then slowly return to the beginning position. Repeat the exercise 9 times.
  5. Bike. Starting position – lie on the floor and hands behind the head, knocking her to the castle. Necessary, lift the legs at an angle of 30 degrees, and rotate, can start, the so-called imaginary pedals. A hint takes a Minute. You need to in between some reps with breaks in 2 minutes.
  6. An exercise with a pillow. Starting position – lying on the back, hands upwards. You need to clamp a pillow between the foot and together with your drawing in the air circles, starting with the small and gradually just before the great. In the initial position in the reverse order, from the large to the small circles. You must pull a minimum of 30 rounds.
  7. Increases. Starting position – lying on the floor hands behind your head, elbows look in the different directions, and bend in the knees. Inhale, pelvic lift, until to form a straight line with the knees. The maximum height for a couple of seconds and stretch all the muscles. After, exhale and slowly back into the starting position. Run 3 repeat.
  8. Charging slimming belly at the slenderness of the legs
  9. The fire of the candle. Starting position – lying on your back, hands along the trunk. You need to lift the legs, in terms of gender they are perpendicular, Erdberger Lände and in the air. The support should be on Hand. After three bites stop breathing, keep the legs stretched out. Then return to the starting position, first of all, the pelvis and the legs to omit. The breathing should be correct – at the entrance of the legs lifts, and on the exhale return to the starting position. For beginners, a very difficult exercise, therefore, enough for 5 reps, increase the level of training can be increased, the number to 15.
  10. Vanka-vstanka. Starting position – lie on your back and place the hands along the body. Has to turn into a prone position to the sitting position, slowly to the heated seats in the front stoop up to the Moment until the Finger not to touch the hands Stop. In the same way, without haste, back in the start position. Legs and shoulders during the whole execution remain straight. Breathing lift repeats from the previous exercise – on the inhale and on the exhale sink. News — Exercises To Remove Belly Photo
  11. The Mermaid. Starting position – lie on your back, with Psycho's head in his hands and legs to the knees bent. Must the right leg is accused on the left, and a bit of upper body lifting, turn it to the right. 5 seconds, stretch the body and hold the breath. Then return to the starting position, and after 7 repetitions of the same exercise, run to the other side.
  12. Gymnastic hoops. For the lessons, available as a normal Metal Hoop and hula-Hoop, with various nozzles and a high weight. The weight of the packaging should be in the range of 1-2 kg. If it is smaller, the effect is not displayed, and if severe, then accompany the classes will be bruising and contusions on the sides. After buying the tyres you can begin to rotate, first clockwise and then against. Here there is the full freedom of choice – the legs can be together or apart. Employment with the Zürn help to forget about such problems as sagging, in the tension of the skin, and even Cellulite rods. Plus increases flexibility and mobility, improves the work of the vestibular apparatus.
  13. The easiest exercise in the category of static, but no less effective. Starting position – each. Exercises can perform, even sitting at work. Required when you breathe in, stretch the muscles and pull your tummy in, then go in this Position for 10 seconds. After the exhale, and relax. After the relaxation in 30 seconds repeat it 10 times.
  14. Leg lift
  15. Exercise, cleaning all unnecessary with the lower part of the abdomen. Starting position – lie on your back with your legs outstretched, and make sure that the heel of the head, shoulder blade and lower back firmly pressed to the ground, and your hands chained behind your head. You need to make you lift the left leg to a 90 degree angle, tense the lower abdominal muscles and fix the right foot on the left. Still position for a few seconds and slowly return to the starting, lower first the left and then the right leg. Repeat the exercise 20 times.

At the Moment, more than enough video's on the net book with exercises to burn fat in the abdominal area. You can still go after him.

Necessarily it must be remembered that before the complex of exercises for weight loss belly, will always be a warm-up for the warm up of the muscles when the training itself and not included in the total complex. During the execution of the same joint education, Training will take place at the beginning, and there is no need for additional their behavior before the lesson for the belly.

After mastering the above exercises, you can perform at home, without wasting time and money for sports halls turn to, after a few weeks the first results will be visible in the reduction of the sizes of the waist, the more fit the muscles and the skin, improved health and mood.

Enjoy each lived day and give the other a radiant smile and good mood!