Keto-diet - how effective it is for weight loss

To speed up if you are of the opinion that the diet for weight loss certainly associated with calorie counting, reliably serving sizes and the need to endure Hunger, to the good: in recent years, gaining popularity are the ketogenic diet, which works on a completely different principle. Their effectiveness is proven in the removal of excess fat deposits scientifically and confirmed through countless examples of this.

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First and foremost, you should know that the Keto diet is Low-Carb. In other words, there is a radical reduction in the number of carbohydrates in the diet. Maybe you have a question: but it is possible to carbs? Because it is the most important source of energy for the whole body!

The fact that the human body can be able to imagine, much more than we us. In the course of millions of years of Evolution, we acquired a number of compensation mechanisms that enable us to survive in the harsh conditions of existence. One of these mechanisms allows our body to have the energy from food, even if it has almost no carbohydrates. Everything is simple – the body begins actively to break down fats instead of carbohydrates, to use them as an Alternative source of energy. That is why the Keto diet works, and can really help to get rid of extra pounds, depriving yourself of carbohydrates, you force your body to transform excess fat into energy.

What ketosis is?

Ketosis is a natural metabolic state of the human body in which he resides, in compliance with the Keto diet. If the human body, the essence of which go back a chard of carbohydrates, it goes into the state of ketosis, is a that the body switches on, so to speak, "" to oil – that is, it begins as a primary energy source. Fats are reduced with the formation of large quantities of so-called ketone bodies (ketones). Exactly ketones, and serve as an Alternative source of energy for the people in a state of ketosis.

The essence of the Keto diet

In fact, our body is constantly on the ketones for the maintenance of the functions of some organs, especially the heart and kidneys. But the brain and the muscles get their energy from glucose, from carbohydrates. So in the case of the normal supply in the body, small amounts of cleaved relative to fat. The task of the Keto-diet – change metabolism, so that the body will get the energy to, mainly under the use of ketone bodies. In a state of deficit the body of carbohydrates digestion of fat is activated, which inevitably leads to the liberation of excess fat deposits.

Ketogenic Diet

Since the body fat is transformed into energy

When the body begins, to a deficit of carbohydrates, he begins to consume the reserves of glycogen in the cells. At the same time the Mechanisms of the conversion of fats and proteins into energy on. After about three days of carbohydrate-starvation, the body is in a state of ketosis. We look at how the body receives the energy in this state.

After the exhaustion of the glycogen reserves of the body begins in a state of ketosis. In the liver, fat digestion is activated, which decompose into fatty acids and glycerol. Furthermore, there is a process called the ketogenesis: fatty acids split, resulting in the formation of ketone bodies three ways:

  • acetoacetate;
  • Beta-hydroxy butyric acid;
  • Acetone.

Exactly these substances that the body uses instead of glucose for energy. It should be noted, however, that in a state of ketosis, ketone bodies supply all the energy needs of the body. The thing is, that certain organs and tissues are simply not able to assimilate ketones due to the peculiarities of its cell structure and the lack of necessary enzymes. For example, the liver, ketone bodies are produced, not even in the location, and the recovery of energy from ketones – for the operation, the Glucose needs. So the body is not also in a state of ketosis completely without glucose.

In the normal diet, the body obtains glucose from carbohydrates. But in a state of ketosis, carbs, in-depth with the food is insufficient. Where, in this case, the body glucose will take for the supply of organs that will not be able to absorb ketones? All right, we have, for this purpose there are the Mechanisms of the formation of Glucose without the participation of carbohydrates. In a state of ketosis activates a process called the gluconeogenesis. In the process of gluconeogenesis proteins and glycerol are involved, mainly (the latter formed by the splitting of fats).

Now we can answer the question of why the Keto diet should be a sufficient amount of protein: the body needs it for the maintenance of glucose, which he now gets from the food. But what proteins does not happen, if in the food enough? Nothing good proteins extracted from the muscles, and then the Keto diet leads to a loss of muscle mass.

Standard Keto Diet

Types of ketogenic diet

Keto diet involves the consumption of large amounts of fat, moderate Protein, and Minimum carbs.

In most cases, the intake of carbohydrates is recommended, preferably up to 50 G per day. Any officially recommended Keto diet, there are not. However, there are a few generally applicable schemes to prove their worth among the food scientists.

A state of ketosis is possible in various ways, so there are different types of Keto diets. But all of them the common principle of reducing the intake of carbohydrates and high content of fat combines in the diet. In the following we describe the four most numerous variants of the Keto diet.

Standard Keto diet (SKD)

This variant of the diet, we consider in the following. In the case of a Standard Keto diet, the proportion of carbohydrates in the diet is reduced to 5-10%. The proportion of proteins is 20%, and fat – 70-75% of the ration.

Based on grams of daily ration consists of:

  • 20-50 G Of Carbs;
  • 40-60 G Of Protein;
  • Fat without limitations.

The amount of fat consumed determines the individual energy needs of the individual.

Standard Keto diet allows you to get rid of the superfluous fat, stabilizes blood sugar and homeopathically a positive effect on the condition of the heart.

Sometimes select separate Subtype Standard Keto diet, the so-called "Ketogenic diet with very low carbohydrate content", which means a decrease in the proportion of carbohydrates in the ration up to 4%.

Cyclic ketogenic diet

It is also called "diet with reverse loading carbs". It is characterized by the presence of days, in which people consume more carbohydrates. For example, 5 days Standard Keto diet and 2 days diet with a high proportion of carbohydrates. This diet is usually the athletes are practicing, if you need to fill the glycogen stores, spendable during intense training sessions.

Target ketogenic diet

This variant of the diet is a compromise between a Standard and a cyclic Keto diet. It implies the use of uglevodosoderzhaschie eat directly before or after sports Training. The idea is that carbohydrates during physical activity consume a lot faster, which is why this diet makes the Training more effective, and leads to the exit from the state of ketosis.

Ketogenic diet with a high protein content

This Option Keto diet means the following ratio of macro-nutrients in the daily diet:

  • Squirrel – 35%;
  • Fats – 60%;
  • Carbohydrates – 5%.

Keto diet with a high protein content, people practiced, the K.'s difficulties with the liberation of excess fat deposits.

Regardless of the type of Keto-diet, to date there is no reliable scientific data to ensure that no harm to health, if their compliance over a longer period of time (over a year).



We are accustomed to a diet as a diet in which the servings of food is strictly limited, and most of the time of day, are suffering from Hunger. But Keto diet, and the more remarkable in that it is eaten with no restrictions, requires a Person in the crowd. Since the process in losing weight ketogenic diet are not associated with a decrease in the number of calories consumed, but is done by minimizing the intake of carbohydrates. In other words, you need not limit yourself to the portions, and suffering from Hunger. The whole thing in the correct composition of the diet: you will lose weight by simply carbohydrate foods, and eat proteins and fats in the right proportions.

Effective Weight Loss

The earlier doctors and nutritionists, the common belief was that the energy systems with a high percentage of fat is harmful for health, cause obesity and a number of other diseases. However, a number of studies in animals, showed that between a high intake of fat and obesity, the cause-and-effect relationship is missing. Quite the contrary – low-carbohydrate diet high in fat led to weight loss. In addition, studies have shown that low-carbohydrate diet compared to nizkozhirnye, much more efficient in the removal of excess fat deposits. The Link to the Material you find at the end of the article.

Improvement of memory and cognitive functions

Studies have shown that the Keto diet improves memory and brain function in General. Also, studies show that the Keto-diet relieves the symptoms of migraine.

Improvement of the condition in various diseases

In various studies, Keto diet an improvement in people with diseases such as epilepsy, Alzheimer's disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, acne, cancer, and metabolic disorders.

Epilepsy Treatment

The Greek healer Hippocrates recommended fasting for people with epilepsy. In the 20s of the last century as an Alternative to starving to death to the incidence of epileptic seizures the Keto diet has been proposed.

A Healthy Diet

Despite the fact that the pharmacy regularly offers new-Generation antiepileptic drugs, one third of patients with epilepsy remains unresponsive to drug therapy. Such epilepsy refractor called. Therefore, it is to be applied in the treatment of some patients, Alternative methods, including the ketogenic diet. This is especially true in light of the latest scientific data, based on a combination of neurological diseases with the condition of the intestinal flora. According to the observations, the ketogenic diet, the frequency of epileptic reduced seizures and reduced the dose of the medication.

As you find that you are in ketosis

So, what is ketosis and why this condition helps to lose weight, we have found out. But as a Person, be aware of the Keto diet, find out what he really went into the state of ketosis? Quite simply, there are a number of features and methods that you can see below:

The smell of the mouth

One of the first signs that your body is in a state of ketosis, the emergence of a specific mouth odor. Sometimes he looks like the smell of fruit, but actually is acetone. The fact that in the process of lipolysis in the liver with the formation of ketone bodies in the blood increases the level of acetone that is from the body through the breath and excreted in the urine.

A interesting fact! Due to the characteristics of the metabolism of acetone in the body in the task of breathing, the alcohol test the Person in a state of ketosis a false positive result can be achieved.

The people, the Keto-diet, inevitably with this issue is faced, the dissolved in the chewing gum without sugar and toothpaste. If you decide to do, chewing gum or other foods for the elimination of halitosis, make sure that you do not contain carbs, otherwise it can lead to an increase in blood sugar level and the output from the a state of ketosis.

The reduction of body weight.

During the transition of the body into a state of ketosis, you begin to lose weight quickly. But don't be fooled – this is not happening due to loss of body fat. Due to the transition in the state of ketosis the body is a lot of fluid and glycogen storage lose consumed – therefore, a rapid decrease of the body weight. Later weight loss will occur more smoothly, and the body fat is burned actually.


Sure, the Keto diet?

According to scientists, the safety of the Keto-diet are divided – some claim that it is natural for the human body, and not bring anything, except use. Other to pay attention to the fact that, although it helps to get rid of the extra fat deposits, the long-term effects of ketosis on the human body is not yet sufficiently known, and confidence in the security of the Keto diet may not be.

So, unfortunately, a clear and scientifically proven answer to the question "is it Safe Keto diet?" - No. Therefore, everyone must decide for themselves – to practice this kind of diet, or not to risk.

Of course, there is a category of people, for the Keto diet to the rescue – for example, people with high obesity and persons under the metabolic syndrome. Obesity brings enormous damage to the health and in fact life-threatening. So, such people can Keto diet be studied recommended, in spite of your inadequate. But in such cases, ketogenic diet practice should be under the supervision of a physician.

Side Effects Keto Diet

One of the main side effects of the Keto diet, with which beginners are confronted with flu-Keto.

In terms of side effects of the ketogenic diet, the differ after a prolonged period of compliance, among them:

  • Steatosis of the liver;
  • hypoproteinemia (low protein in the blood);
  • Kidney Stone Disease;
  • Chard for vitamins and minerals.

As practice, Keto diet often leads to complications and hospital stays for dehydration, noticeable lack of electrolytes in the body and hypoglycemia.