How to lose weight for a week to 1 kg: methods and techniques of losing weight, menu

I do not recommended for health reasons application, no diets. However, if the pointer begins on the scales, rolls, and sugar varies on a dangerous side, you must look for a way out. To think began how to lose weight per week with a minimum of 1kg. At the end, asked for help in a specialized center. Brought to you by the card with a Bouquet of diseases, and waited for the verdict. The doctor was very positive. He dispelled my concerns about changes in the diet and the influence of these on the body, but also helped to form the menu, in which only those products are included, which I eat constantly.

lose weight for a week

Advantages of using a slow weight loss

The advantages of using such a scheme, nutritionists slimming recommend to their patients to lose weight at a slow pace, without the Express diets. What is the advantage of the gradual elimination of extra pounds? A stable result. Quickly it is possible to remove only at considerable Mangold of calories. The Person feels a sense of Hunger, constantly of the desire deprived. In General, followers of the Express diets to lose weight before a certain event, and then everything is back to normal. In the course of food, the harmful sweets and Snacks are prohibited. A gradual weight loss gives the possibility to adjust the body. This is a conscious process, the desire is born, not only lose weight, but also to change their life style. The skin loses elasticity. If a man's losing weight strong, his skin sagging, and the body is loose. In the gradual weight loss you not only get the desired parameters of the figure, but also well-toned body. The change of eating habits. Eat right learn to lose weight, make your diet on the basis of useful products. If the process takes several months, man, time to change, accustomed to the new diet and to fall in love with him. The right diet is for life-style. This is the result to which they aspire.

To lose weight 1 kg a diary will lead you to control the burning of calories

After you have set the goal for yourself, you need to control your calorie intake, and record all in a special Protocol. On the Internet you can find various calculator in calories, you can use. But best consultation with a qualified nutritionist, individual nutrition plan. The daily requirement for a woman is 2000 calories and men 2500 calories. In order to successfully lose 1 kg per week and it must burn at least 1000 calories. To do this, you reduce the daily consumption of 500 calories, and 500 burns with the help of exercise. The journal allows you to observe the process of weight loss and you stick to the correct strategy. A minimum of 500 calories you need to burn through physical exercises. These include the following loads:

  • 30 minutes of Jogging.
  • 35 Minutes Of Jumping Rope.
  • 60 minutes with low-intensity aerobics.
  • 60 minutes swimming in the Pool.
  • Select the most a preferred type of load, and practice daily.

If you exercise, then get rid of 500 calories per day still remains. It is necessary, the usual diet. Choose foods with less calories, but enough nutrients.

  1. Do Not Paste Can.
  2. Fruits with low sugar content.
  3. Low-fat dairy products.

Choose products that allow, enough food to eat enjoy and to avoid snacking between meals.


Moderate exercise is considered to be 7500-9500 steps per day. To increase intensity, you do 10 000 steps per day. You try to walk more, with stair climbing, after work, go for a walk in the Park to use less public means of transport. Make phone calls, put you on the Couch, and walk through the room. In this way, you can burn approximately 350 calories.

Give up snacking

While snacking person a lot of calories consumed. If you feel a strong feeling of hungry, then choose Snacks with low calories. Compare the following options for Snacks.

  • 100gr Apple 52 calories, against 100gr potato – 274 calories.
  • 100 grams applesauce – 76 calories 100 grams ice cream – 201 calories.
  • 100gr yogurt – 50 calories, against 100gr cheese – 360 calories.
  • 100 grams carrots – 42 calories for Chips 100gr – 544 calories.
  • 100gr strawberries – 40 calories, against 100gr cherries 77 calories.

A balanced diet

Make sure that you eat right, the recommended proportions are:

  1. 50% Can.
  2. 25% strength.
  3. 25% Protein-Products.

Alone or with the help of a nutritionist, you define the individual proportions of products. After a while, you will quickly get products in which they contain less calories. Here you can read more about it. You can also drink a delicious drink for weight loss Chokolate Slim, you lose the extra pounds.

House work help to lose weight

Hardly anyone knows that housework can help burn up to 500 calories. Here are some activities that enable you to burn calories in 30 minutes are:

  • The floors, washing the MOP – 125 calories.
  • Iron – 90 Calories.
  • Window Cleaning – 100 Calories.
  • Wash Dog – 125 Calories.

Garden work helps to lose 1 kg per week

An hour working in the garden, in the countryside, you can lose up to 500 calories. You will be pleasantly spend time with benefits. So in the summer, try to keep things on the property, not less than 2 hours per week.

Belly dance

If you are looking for an interesting way to burn calories and look sexy, beautiful, then the best Option is the belly dance. Within an hour 180-300 calories can burn depending on intensity. The advantage of this method is that during the dance, the muscles of the thigh, king's meadow and abdominal work.

Hula Hoop for losing weight

Hula-Hoop is not just a game for children, but also the effective activity, which allows it to burn calories. With good intensity to about 10 calories per Minute lost, so 500 calorie burn in less than an hour. In addition, this exercise is the tightening of the muscles of the abdomen, back and legs allows you to.

Several ways to lose weight 1 kg per week

You want to lose weight in the shortest amount of time? Then you just secure and not carrying health use risk methods, such as those we are discussing today. You also need to be realistic and remember that if you continue to follow, you can discharge for 500-900 grams per week.

You Can Drink The Water

One of the best ways to lose weight the water to relieve and 1.5 kg for 7 days – his main drink. Of course, it is much healthier than soda or energy, but that's not all. You must also from food Smoothies and fruit juices are excluded (it's not about natural juices). The water supports the healthy balance of fluids in the body, accelerates metabolism, and quenches the thirst much better than other drinks. If you don't like your taste, just add a few drops in a glass of juice favorite citrus fruit or a bit of mint.

Pay attention to carbohydrates

I'm not talking about the full exclusion. The body needs carbohydrates to function properly, and without them, your diet is not healthy. Just stay away from refined carbohydrates – eat bread and noodles made from whole grain instead of refined grains. Also avoid refined sugar. Remember, a healthy Alternative to it are fresh fruit, Can think and. They contain the carbohydrates you need.

You will burn more than consume

One of the most obvious tips on what to forget, nevertheless, is often.You want to lose weight? Then you need to consume more energy than they consume. You can stay physically active by visiting the gym, run the Training at home, running or Cycling. Choose something for the soul.

Want to burn a lot of calories – to force to work the heart harder, and that means — run the heart!

Regular Cardio exercises are one of the most effective ways to relieve overweight. Sports games-sports, exercise daily, Jogging, more swimming. Strength exercises such as pushups, squats, twisting also of great importance. While in the gym, use a treadmill, Stepper and of course, an Ellipsoid. So you will not lose weight, but bring a priceless benefit for the health.

Not to neglect the go to sleep

And the extra half hour of sleep can play a positive role! If you want to relax properly, you can easier to a diet and to train with more energy. Of course, sleep for too long is also not necessary. Even if the sender is in the bed 30 minutes early or get up 15 minutes later, then the positive changes are remarkable. As long as you follow the advice, to be able to keep yourself in shape and save the results. It all depends on the regular activity and proper nutrition. Obesity begins to decline steadily, and you will see and feel on all 100! And do you have any tips on how to weight to 1.5 kg per week?

How to lose weight per week to 1 kg: tips and menu

Effective Tips:

  1. Effective fasting days.
  2. In the course of the day plenty of, you drink only water, in order to bring the waste products and toxins from the body.
  3. You can also eat apples and drink Kefir every two hours a glass. The drink should be taken with a minimal percentage of fat, but not fat-free.
  4. For effective weight loss book suitable wheat porridge without salt and spices. Yes, maybe it is not very tasty, but useful and efficient. The grits need to fill with boiling water and infuse for several hours, overnight is best. Smaller portions of food 5 times a day, drink green tea or yogurt.
  5. Necessarily, active exercise, you can go to the pool, swim, swing, the muscles. Choose the sport that best suits you in the spirit.
  6. Not out of place easy to go walking in the Park in front of the sleep, fresh air homeopathically miracle, gives energy and vitality, calms the nervous system, normalizes sleep.

To go on the eve before the start of the diet, a better bed on an empty stomach, you can a Cup of herbal tea. Menu of the day, the following:

  • Breakfast – drink a glass of warm water and hot and cold showers.
  • To Gösta Mittag – a few green apples and a Cup of tea with chamomile.
  • 150 G lunch chicken breast, prepare a portion of vegetable salad with a teaspoon of vegetable oil.
  • The afternoon meal – cucumber.
  • Dinner tomato supperior reliability with fresh parsley.

In the course of the day, at least 2 liters of water to drink, pure, silent.

Low-Calorie Diet

A System of proper nutrition is the fundamental principles the following: you should not have a feeling of Hunger a single time for the whole day. This result is achieved by the Fractional diet. You have to be) five times a day (3 main intake + snacking of approved products. The plate can accommodate a Standard Cup. Not to eat need a lot of to – your stomach stretches, and the appetite takes on unhealthy proportions. More move is always to go on foot. Without fanaticism – when you are not exercising, then you will not burden too much on the first day it is necessary. So you overtax the muscles, and to train then for a long time in the location. If you do not carry away Training in the hall, dancing or stretching at home. You choose a profession that will bring joy. You drink more water. The liquid speeds up the metabolism and dulls feeling of Hunger. The day you drink eight or more glasses of water. Tea and coffee is also taken into account, but all of the drinks should not be included in the composition of the sugar. Cooking!

Leave in your fridge to always approved products that satisfy your Hunger. Spend a little time to prepare nutritious meals. There are recipes, which the court not only useful, but also delicious. Without symptoms a wealth of ideas you will quickly be bored of fresh food, and to avoid stalling. Add in your diet more different products from the list of approved in order to receive the body of nutrients in the right quantity. The list includes food of plant and animal origin. What is possible? Fish (of any kind), beef, Turkey, rabbit and poultry (except geese and ducks). The eggs (all birds). Milk products with a fat content of up to 1.5 %. If you can't live without jaws – doing it on the basis of rice and oatmeal, without the Butter, cream and sugar. A handful of pasta from durum wheat (1 times a day for lunch). Fruit (except watermelon, banana, persimmon, grapes). Can (except carrots, beets, legumes, and potatoes). You count the calories. Food does not have 800 less than and not more than 1200 kcal per day to your daily physical activity. Less this standard is not eating, which is synonymous with hunger strike. For the convenience of calculation of the calorie content of food products and calorie counter use. These recommendations comply with, you will lose 2 kg to the health and change the diet habits.

Fasting day

Arrange fasting day is not recommended more than 1 time per week. A particularly popular way to lose weight is a Euphorbia it is. It is the green tea with milk. For the preparation of 1 litre of milk with a low percentage of fat, 200 grams of dilute boiled water and allow it to cool slightly. Then in the milk, 3 tablespoons add green tea. They consist of the mixture is preferably a half-hour. Strained beverage drink every hour a glass. In addition, drinking 2 liters of pure water is recommended. On this day, you need to eliminate from the diet to black tea, alcoholic beverages, pastries, sweets, coffee. To unload, you can cook up a Cocktail of yogurt and beetroot. To do this, you must boil the beets without salt, rust, or scroll through a meat grinder and mix with a Liter of butter milk. Milk shake and divide it into 6 pieces and take about the same time. There is nothing more. On this day, you can be accused of a few pounds, but you should know that the weight loss happens fluid excretion and decrease the volume. Fats remain on the site. If they lose, weight strongly, this method is ideal.